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Tampa Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Have you been injured at work? It is important to talk to a Tampa workers' compensation lawyer about your options in seeking financial benefits for your medical bills and lost earnings. Considering the amount of time most employees spend on the job, it is easy to see why workplace accidents occur. These incidents may cause serious and lasting injuries that will have a significant impact on a worker's life. Fortunately, workers' compensation law offers injured employees the opportunity to seek benefits for their work-related injuries.

Filing a workers' compensation claim may be difficult in some situations, particularly if a dispute arises in regard to the validity or value of your claim. The insurance company or your employer may attempt to deny payment or may offer you a settlement that is insufficient considering the full extent of your injuries. Involving an experienced attorney will enable you to not only properly file your claim but approach it from the right standpoint while addressing any issues that may come up. Your Tampa workers' comp attorney can handle virtually every aspect of your case while you focus your attention on recovering and spending time with loved ones.

Work Accident and Injury Attorney Serving Injured Workers in Tampa

At Smith & Stallworth, we represent injured employees throughout Tampa and the surrounding areas in Florida. We are a law firm committed to the highest quality legal representation and client service through every phase of our clients' claims, and we have the resources and experience to handle negotiations, hearings and litigation that may arise. You can count on our steadfast determination to recover the full workers' compensation benefits to which you may be entitled by law.

You may have been involved in an accident involving heavy machinery, may be experiencing hearing loss due to constant exposure to loud noises, may have slipped and fallen at the office or may have been diagnosed with a serious medical condition that you believe was caused by your work environment. Workers' compensation may cover any of these types of incidents, including all types of accidents that occur at work, all injuries related to the performance of your job duties and all illnesses that are caused by your work environment or the nature of your job. When you work with a lawyer at our Tampa law offices, we will take on your case with the utmost care, building the necessary evidence on your behalf to prove that your injury or illness is work-related and that you should be entitled to full benefits. We will even look to other possible sources for financial compensation, such as a third party that can also be held accountable for your injuries. Our team will leave no stone unturned in handling your Tampa workers' comp claim or appeal.

Am I eligible for workers' comp benefits?

Virtually all employers throughout Tampa and all of Florida are required to carry workers' compensation coverage. There are some exceptions, however, so it will be helpful to determine whether your specific employer carries or should carry this coverage. Workers' compensation covers virtually any type of accident or injury that is work-related. This may include an injury sustained in an accident, an illness caused by exposure to a toxin or other hazardous condition at work, or an injury related to the performance of your job duties. Workers' comp covers workplace accidents regardless of who was at fault, even if the injured employee was partially or fully responsible. The only exception may be an employee who was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident or injury.

Filing a workers' compensation claim is no easy task. In fact, it is usually quite difficult to get the insurance coverage and compensation benefits you need to adequately recover from your work injury. Health insurance plans rarely cover the full cost of your medical expenses. Furthermore, insurance companies are known for frequently denying their customers claims compensation. The trying experience of an accident and the period of recovery that follows should not be intensified by stubborn or unsympathetic insurance companies.

At Stallworth & Smith, Attorneys at Law, we have two decades worth of combined experience and we are both ready and willing to put our skills and experience to work for you. We believe that everyone deserves legal representation for the injuries from which they have suffered. Therefore, we have extended our services to areas throughout Florida and we provide aggressive legal representation to those in need. Although this will undoubtedly be a difficult time for the person suffering, it is our goal to ease the stress and pain that accompany personal injuries at work. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your best interests are always at the forefront of the legal process.

We offer a free and confidential review of your case. Contact a Tampa workers' compensation lawyer at Smith & Stallworth today!

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